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Xeinadin Group is a progressive and insightful partner – comprising a powerful team of top-class professionals who know how to diagnose the condition of any company. We’re not just the best traditional accountant you’ve ever had, but we truly come into our own when we’re able to add value through collaboration and in-depth understanding of your business.

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Business owners increasingly want a close relationship with a trusted advisor who can provide them with expert advice across a range of services.



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Rise will give you the tools to grow yourself and your business. Our programme includes all the steps you need to grow.

We know your industry

We’ve worked closely with a wide variety of businesses over decades – including many just like yours. So our teams have built up in-depth specialist knowledge along the way. We apply lessons learnt from decades in your field – plus crossover wisdom gleaned from other spheres. So we see your business the way you see it – and also as others see it, to give you a 360-degree advantage.

Want to know how our industry expertise can help you achieve your personal and business goals?

The best of both worlds​

The best of both worlds

We’re management consultants who specialise, but see your business as a whole. Your traditional accountancy services are a given – but wait till we take you up through the gears. 

That’s when we really add value. Using cutting edge technology we analyse, compare and spot trends over time. Then we present you with detailed benchmarking insights to help you drive growth and productivity.

We plan your business journey from end to end and from every angle. And because there’s very little we haven’t seen, you know it’s a view you can trust.

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Business advice from forward thinkers

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

We see your business the way you see it. But also plan for what you can’t see. We solve problems you didn’t know were problems – to help you understand the reality of now and the many possible futures.

We’re advisors who listen. Collaborators who take the lead. With foreknowledge but without preconceptions. Our philosophy is, conventional thinking only gets you to the place where your competitors are.

So the Xeinadin way is to keep thinking where others think the job’s done. To keep asking “what if?”. Yes, we’ll give the answers you need but we’ll always be looking for the progressive solution that will take you further. We’ll always be what you need – not just what you ask for. That’s the power of Xeinadin.

Forward thinking, proven in practice.

Business advice from Forward Thinkers​
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