Why you should start using refurbished devices


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Today on Earth Day, we look at how you can improve your company’s sustainability. Have you ever asked yourself how much e-waste your business generates per year? With e-waste, we mean electronic products that are running towards the end of their (battery) life, such as mobile devices, laptops and computer screens. Instead of always opting for new electronic products, it is more sustainable to choose refurbished products. In this blog, we dive into the process of refurbished devices and what the pros are of reviving your used devices.

Britain is one of the world’s worst offenders when it comes to e-waste. In 2019, the UK produced approximately 23 million tonnes of e-waste. The amount of plastic wasted by individuals per year ranges from approximately nine kilograms per person to more than 53 kilograms. Well, that is a lot. All the more reason to look at more sustainable options when choosing devices for your company, such as refurbished devices. But how are refurbished devices being processed?

There are recycling schemes for people to trade in their used devices to get a discount on a new device. The devices are checked and categorized into different quality levels. If there are any issues with the device, they are getting fixed where possible.

Pros of refurbished devices
There are a few pros to choosing refurbished devices. For instance, it saves money to choose a refurbished device instead of always buying new products. You know for sure that the refurbished device works because it has been checked and fixed where needed. Most of the sellers even give a warranty for their refurbished devices. Last but not least, by choosing refurbished devices you also make a telling statement. It shows that your company is forward-thinking and willing to invest in a sustainable future.

Repair devices and save on expenses
We hope we have inspired you to opt for more sustainable options when you are choosing devices for your company. In this way, you maximise the durability of devices and lower your costs. Do you want to know more about saving costs and managing your expenses more efficiently? Get in touch!


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