Manus Brady Accountancy Services

Manus Brady Accountancy Services

In this section of the website, we introduce you to one of our firms. Up next is Manus Brady Accountancy Services run by Managing Director Manus Brady and his team. Read his answers to our questions to get to know him and the firm.

What do you like about working for your firm?

“When I was young I was told that all one needed in life to be happy were three things: someone to love, something you enjoy doing to occupy your time, and something to aim for. Running this accountancy practice provides two of those requirements. In addition, I believe that life is not about the days we work but rather the days we don’t. If you get to do something you love, then it does not seem like work. No matter how big the issues or how challenging the times we are in, it always resonates with me that this is what I was born to do.”

What are in your words the strengths of your firm?

“The biggest strength of our firm is that our staff understand that the greatest service they can provide to our clients is not in answering their questions but ensuring that the clients are asking the correct questions both of themselves and of us. Rather than expertly answering a question asked we get behind the question and evaluate what the client is trying to achieve. This is the key strength of our firm.”

Manus Brady

“We get behind the question and evaluate what the client is trying to achieve.”

Manus Brady, Managing Director

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at your firm?

“The most valuable lesson I have learned in my firm is to discern between those clients who wish you to solve a problem and those who wish you to make it go away. The former will recognise the value of your solution whereas the latter does not care about how you solved the problem but rather will store the fact you solved the problem in case it comes back again. In addition, if a client does not value how you solved the problem, it is unlikely he will be willing to remunerate you accordingly.”

What is the best or most rewarding experience you have had at your firm so far? 

“In a business transaction outside of the firm, some partners to that transaction alleged nefarious activity on my behalf. As the matter could have become public knowledge I advised key clients of the specifics. All of them volunteered advice, assistance and recommendations. It was very rewarding personally to understand in such a trying time that key individuals had my back.”

What is your favourite statement that you regularly use when advising your clients?

“Let’s not break rule No. 1. (Rule No. 1 is Let’s not do something stupid)”

Manus Brady, Managing Director of Manus Brady Accountancy Services.

What result you achieved for a client, are you most proud of?

“In a non-amicable marriage separation case, we acted for the spouse who was not involved in the business. The other individual was not disclosing all of the business interests. The other individual felt that as some of these were dispersed worldwide it was possible to keep these undisclosed and that as a small firm we would not have the resources to uncover them. We were able to discover these and this provided our client with a settlement which was more reflective of what we considered a fair division of assets.”

How do you see the future of your firm from your perspective?

“The future of our firm is dependent on having the correct calibre of staff who enjoy the environment they work in, preferably with a mix of ages. I see my role over the next 5 years to grow the firm and to provide sufficient leadership that the practice can thrive without being dependent on me. This would allow me additional time to delve into new areas such as blockchain, AI, etcetera, so that we are always ahead of our competitors.”

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