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Peter Coyne & Company

In this section of the website, we introduce you to one of our firms. Up next is Peter Coyne & Company, run by Practice Manager Majella Boyce Devane and her team. Read her answers to get to know her and the firm.

What do you like about working for your firm?

“We have a really good team of employees. All doors are open so junior staff feels very comfortable asking questions. We have built up a very personable relationship with our clients which helps us provide a very good service to them.”

What are in your words the strengths of your firm?

“We all work very well together. We consult each other if there is something difficult we need to deal with. All staff is encouraged to ask questions, whether small or big. Our clients like dealing with us and we encourage them to ask questions as well.”

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at your firm?

“Interpersonal relationships are very important. If you don’t have the right atmosphere in the office you can’t provide a proper service to your client.”

Majella Boyce Devane, Practice Manager

What is the most rewarding experience you have had at your firm so far?

“Being promoted to Practice Manager and director.”

What result you achieved for a client are you most proud of?

“Being involved in Revenue Audits. Liaising with Revenue and providing the best service to clients to ensure a fair deal for them in the conclusion of audits. By providing this service, the client’s stress is immediately reduced and they are very grateful for this.”

What is your favourite statement that you regularly use when advising your clients?

“Not everything is about saving tax – you need to look at the personal implications.”

Which conditions do you think a ‘firm of the future’ should meet?

“Approachable, friendly. Clients need to have confidence in your ability to provide the service they want and we have to provide the service they want and the service they don’t even know they need.”

How do you see the future of your firm from your perspective?

“I see us as being progressive. Hopefully providing a more add on service due to increase of available time due to time saving re automation.”

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