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The Art of Making Your Own Rain – A Guide to Identifying and Harnessing Your Driving Forces 

In our previous Rise sessions and blogs we have helped you set and achieve your goals, develop your growth strategy, enhance your leadership skills and empower your team. We then focused on your pricing strategy which is the single most important way to grow your business.   

So what’s the next step? We’re going to focus on the other six drivers of growth. 

Applying this to the real world, that’s what. And here, we’ll let you into a secret. You don’t need to be a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs, or even a Richard Branson, to turn your vision into enviable growth.  

Top achievers aren’t extraordinary people. They’re just ordinary people who think in a certain pattern.  

That pattern can be taught. And we’re going to teach you. 

First off – it’s not even that complex. We’ll take you through the drivers of growth in detail so that you understand how to make them work for you. But in essence, they are: 

1. Bring in more customers

“Well, obviously!” you say – easier said than done. But we’ll be taking you through clear, tried and tested strategies to generate more leads, differentiate your business, find the messaging that triggers the most action from customers, build strategic marketing alliances that get others working for you and hone your offering so that potential customers hear what they want to hear. 

2. Convert more prospects into customers

Don’t waste your resources, your time and your breath. We’ll show you how to talk to the people most likely to buy from you. We’ll show you multiple strategies to find them through ‘warm’ channels – such as referrals and strategic alliances – and also give you a 4-step strategy for targeting cold leads. We’ll help you see how you look to these ‘ideal’ customers and how to make your offering even more attractive. How to empower your team with devastatingly effective presentation tools. How to eliminate the buying risk from the customer’s mind and how to follow up effectively – in a way that your approach is welcomed. And we’ll give you methods for monitoring and recording your results, then testing to see what works so you can repeat what does and eliminate what doesn’t. 

3. Keep your customers loyal 

Customers leave because you’re not giving them what they need. It’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, what’s not simple is that they don’t very often tell you that before it becomes a problem. This is because they often don’t know themselves. It’s just a feeling. So, we’ll show you how to create that ‘Wow’ feeling that keeps your customers coming back and pushes them to recommend you, too. We’ll show you how to build relationships, build trust, differentiate your customers and tailor your contact programme. How to do the simple things well and add in the things that make them feel loved. We’ll show you how to communicate the benefits they get from you so that they understand the value they’re paying for. And how to identify your most valuable customers over the long term and focus your resources on them. 

4. Encourage your customers to spend more 

Increasing the amount your customers spend each time they visit is a well-practised science. But it’s not rocket science – we’ll take you through simple, effective strategies to get your customers to buy more on each visit, pay more for what they buy and want more of what they’ve bought. 

5. Get them spending more often 

We’ll show you how to make it as easy as possible for them to buy from you. Sweep away any unnecessary steps and barriers to sale – making it so easy to buy from you that it becomes a hassle to buy from anywhere else. If you think that sounds far fetched, think about Amazon. We’ll show you how to set up long-term systematic buying agreements and get regular buyers buying other things which are a natural progression from what they’ve already bought. And how to bring back those who haven’t bought for a while. 

6. Learn 

Remember that none of the above is set in stone. Things change in your customers’ world as surely as they change in yours. New competitors will enter the market, economic pressures will squeeze spending, markets mature and so do people. There’s always pressure on your customers to move on. So we’ll teach you how to keep the pressure on them to stay. How to test and adapt your most successful strategies, create systems that optimise and integrate your best successes. It’s an endless cycle of test, refine and repeat, but it brings its own rewards.  

So can you afford not to do all the above? We’ll support you to galvanise new ideas and a drive to make things happen.

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