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Xeinadin Group is a progressive and challenging business advisor that isn’t afraid to ask the right questions.

Xeinadin Group provides all the traditional accountancy services but thrive when we can add value to your business through collaboration and a deep business understanding.

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150 Locations in the UK & Ireland
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We are the UK and Ireland’s largest professional services consolidator with over 100 member firms.

Entrepreneurs who exceed trough the advices from their accountant.
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We have an extensive network of advisors spanning the UK and Ireland.

Entrepreneurs who exceed trough the advices from their accountant.
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We have already supported more than 50,000 clients in achieving their business goals and entrepreneurial dreams.

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Xeinadin provides valuable insights

Xeinadin provides valuable insights

Data-driven insights

By analysing and evaluating relevant data, we can form conclusions and predict trends, encouraging business innovation and agility.

Innovative thinking

Through innovative thinking by leading professionals, we offer decades of achievement, experience and specialisms.

Future focused

We are setting out to disrupt normality as business advisers who focus on your future and not your past.

Exceed your personal and business goals

Delivering exceptional business advice

With years of specialist experience and roots in local markets, Xeinadin Group interacts as a trusted advisor, partner and support network, delivering unmatched, data-driven business advice at the forefront of technology.

With a focus on making communication between client and advisor easy and clear, we deliver accurate information and KPI’s on your organisation. Using big data and AI technology to spot trends over time and compare statistics over different sectors, we are well-positioned to give valuable, detailed benchmarking insights that drive productivity and growth.

Delivering exceptional business advice
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Xeinadin Group members have been honoured with several national awards, including:

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