Full VAT service​

Full VAT service

Our team support our clients with a full VAT service, maximising their VAT recovery position and minimising their exposure to errors and penalties.

We pride ourselves on our approachability and commitment to helping our clients resolve their VAT issues.

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VAT risk evaluation tool

Our VAT Risk Evaluation Tool takes a deep dive into all areas of your VAT return, rather than simply asking only if you are up to date with your VAT returns, it gives you the confidence that no VAT stone has been left unturned.

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VAT resource

With the continuing pressure on resources across all organisations in both the public and private sectors, Xeinadin delivers an in-house VAT resource to organisations that may lack a dedicated VAT knowledge resource in-house.

Clients can utilise our services on a monthly or quarterly basis to review statistical data required for Intrastat returns or the accuracy of accountancy reports prior to the completion of their VAT return.

We can also assist with the formulation of EU VAT refund requests.

VAT resource​
VAT Training


We pride ourselves on the accessibility of our VAT training. Whether we deliver bespoke training in-house for clients, our own open VAT course program or deliver VAT specialist courses for external commercial training companies in the UK or overseas.

Our program of VAT courses are devised on a half day format and delegate numbers are limited to ensure maximum interaction and the opportunity to learn and ask questions. There is no such thing as a “stupid” VAT question we always say, as invariable it highlights an issue of real importance. Delegates often comment that they learn from other delegates who experience similar issues in this safe, small group environment.


Xeinadin provides a full-service offering when it comes to specialist VAT advice. The range of projects where we have supported clients covers:

VAT Consultancy
VAT Compliance


Investing in good VAT compliance procedures and checks is a cost, but as VAT penalties are influenced by behaviour we suggest that investing in proactive VAT compliance management could save an organisation real money. The penalty levied on a VAT error can be reduced from 30% of the VAT amount to nil if an argument of “reasonable care” can be demonstrated.

Taking time to look at VAT processes can unlock savings by maximising VAT recovery on costs at the earliest point or challenging VAT incurred from suppliers where VAT reliefs could have been accessed.

Management programme

Our VAT Management programme gives finance directors, controllers or VAT accountants peace of mind from the knowledge that expert VAT support is only a call or email away.

In addition to our VAT Helpline, we provide proactive management support through the inclusion of a regular VAT management meeting to ensure you retain a proactive stance on VAT issues – a good signal to HMRC that you are aiming to take all “reasonable care” in your VAT compliance.

VAT Management programme​
Aggregates Levy


Accessing VAT information online can be invaluable. To assist in this we have drawn together a range of free-to-access VAT information links provided by third parties including HMRC into our VAT Toolkit.

Should you require more specific VAT training then please do contact us directly.

The content liability of these third-party offerings is outside of our control and should it raise any questions on which you would like clarification then please do contact us.

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