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Every local Xeinadin office works hard to forge strong and trusted relationships. In doing so, we’ve built up specialist expertise in a wide range of industries, so you know we will give you the advice you can rely on.

Business advice, specialised for your industry
Xeinadin delivers unmatched data-driven business advice

Leading the way with industry insights

Xeinadin delivers unmatched data-driven business advice, combined with years of experience, rooted in local knowledge and augmented by an extensive national support network.

Using cutting edge technology – like big data – we analyse, compare and spot trends over time. Then we present you with detailed benchmarking insights to help you drive growth and productivity.

Some of the industries we service



Credit Union Services

Energy & Renewables

Family Businesses





Media & Technology


Property & Construction

Travel & Tourism


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In-depth understanding of your business

Our vast network of more than 1,600 experts enables us to bring informed solutions to a diverse range of industries. We’re not just the best traditional accountant you’ve ever had, but we truly come into our own when we’re able to add value through collaboration and in-depth understanding of your business.

Cloud accounting​ for family businesses

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