Why your firm will be stronger with Xeinadin

You want to be more than you are. More than an accountant, more than a business adviser. And Xeinadin allows you to plug into more than you ever dreamed from Day One. Xeinadin’s vision is to be the most trusted business advisory and accountancy group for owner-managers of small and medium-sized enterprises across the UK and Ireland. We’re more than the sum of our parts. Join us and grow with us.

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More than just accountants

Naturally, we offer all the traditional services your clients will expect from an accountant, but we really come into our own when we can start to add more layers of value to our clients through deeper business understanding and our national knowledge base.

The Xeinadin Group combines the power of more than 100 firms from across the UK and Ireland, working together to deliver more for our clients. Our diverse team of over 1,600 advisors benefits from an enviable bank of experience and resources, enabling them to inspire SMEs and their owner-managers to overcome challenges and achieve their business and personal goals.

Business advice, specialised for your industry
Global reach, locally forged

Local brains, global muscle

With offices from Glasgow to Kingsbridge and Galway to Folkestone, our local offices build close working relationships with our clients whilst delivering much more than the traditional business advisor or accountancy firm. Working with us enables you and your clients to plug into a national network of expertise and innovative technology, enabling you to identify trends over time and compare different sectors.

Five reasons why you’ll love having the power of Xeinadin behind you


You’ll be at the forefront of innovation

Xeinadin continually invests in innovative, data-driven technologies, researching further and deeper to find market-changing insights to give you and your clients an edge.


A broader base of expertise

No matter how competitive your client’s market is, Xeinadin’s 100+ offices and 1,600 advisors give you access to an enviable bank of expertise across the group.


Centralised business support

Xeinadin enables you to work with your clients locally, but access a national bank of tools and provide world-class services in every discipline – including procurement, IT, HR and our unrivalled business advisory training programmes.


Large client base and referrals

Potential and existing clients from all over the UK and Ireland will find it so much easier to connect with local firms that fit their needs. We share knowledge and experience to ensure clients get the best service possible, and our internal referral programme encourages business to stay within our group.


A diversity of services

Xeinadin Group is built from locally established firms serving a wide variety of clients in different sectors. This means you can offer services that may not be in your direct experience, in the full confidence that you have the backing of a trusted group.

Our mission, vision, and values

Our reputation is built on innovative thinking delivered by industry-leading professionals with decades of experience, specialism, and achievement. We stand out as the business advisors who focus on our clients’ future.

Business growth
Our expert team

Our team of experts

Our leadership team is a world-class group of passionate professionals dedicated to growing a collaborative, transparent and inspiring culture that keeps its promises to our clients, our team members, and partners.

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