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From start-up to exit, Xeinadin will guide your business acquisition

Xeinadin is home to expert corporate finance advisors who stand ready to help you on your business acquisition journey. Businesses in every industry and of any size can rely on us to use proven tools and techniques to ensure that your time and money are efficiently spent and your acquisition dreams come true. At Xeinadin, we can advise every step of the acquisition process, from concept to strategising and making the final moves toward success. With the goal of consistently improving our methods and focusing on the future, you and your business are Xeinadin’s number 1 priority, and we plan for mutual success and growth.

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3 Reasons to choose Xeinadin as your partner for corporate finance

Innovative strategies

Xeinadin utilises modern tools for every business, and will bring fresh strategic options to the table.

Systems focus

We can advise on every step of your business acquisition or buy-in/buy-out. Guiding and helping you formulate your project management plan.

Diversity of expertise

From development finance experts to business purchasing masters, we have a myriad of specialists to help you realise your dreams.

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Short success stories


“We’re delighted with the acquisition. Hallidays were fundamental in steering us through an intensive due diligence process. Whilst Selden was already well established in our industry, this latest acquisition will enable us to further increase our market share.”

Liam Manton

“We’ve worked with Hallidays CF since 2018. They supported us to secure investment from Dragons’ Den and provided an invoice finance solution that allowed us to fulfil our increasing order book. They played a key part in our growth as we grew by over 1500% in just one year.”

Liam Manton
Founder, Didsbury Gin

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