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From start-up to exit, our corporate finance advisors are dedicated to maximising the value of your business. Whatever your industry and size, you can rely on us to use innovative, tried-and-tested tools and techniques to set out the best strategic options for you. We’ll work with you to help you make the best possible decisions that propel your business forward.

What is corporate finance?

Corporate finance involves making business transactions that aim to increase capital so that a business can grow, develop or acquire. It‘s also associated with transactions that change business structures or ownership. These strategies are aimed at maximising shareholder value while balancing risk and profitability.

Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance

What are the benefits of corporate finance?

“Corporate finance offers myriad benefits for businesses looking to grow – but also those looking to develop financially. As corporate finance advisors, it’s our job to make sure that all your company’s resources are efficiently allocated so you can ensure profitability in the long term.

“One of the main benefits of corporate finance is that when you hire a professional to do the hard work for you, you can be confident that your risk is being effectively managed to safeguard your company against uncertain market conditions and fluctuations. As a team, we meticulously carry out your financial modelling to help you make informed decisions about the future of your company with confidence.

“Our expertise in corporate finance empowers businesses to adapt to changing circumstances, strategically position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive landscape and ensure sustainable growth.”

Paul Whitney, Head of Corporate Finance at Xeinadin

What can our team of dedicated corporate finance consultants help you with?

We offer a range of services to help businesses thrive. Some of these include:

  • Strategic solutions: Guiding you through strategic decision-making processes, our experts help you uncover optimal paths for growth and profitability.
  • Business acquisition: Navigating the intricacies of purchasing a business, our advisors provide comprehensive support to ensure a seamless and successful transition. There are around 6 million private sector businesses in the UK. We can help you find the right one to acquire.
  • Business sale and exit planning: With meticulous planning, we assist you in selling your business while maximising its value and preparing for a prosperous exit.
  • Finance procurement: Raising capital is made efficient with our assistance, as we help you explore corporate financingoptions that align with your business objectives.
  • Advanced financial modelling: Utilising sophisticated financial modelling techniques, our advisors provide insights that drive informed decisions and enhanced outcomes.
  • Management buy-outs/buy-ins: Whether it’s management taking over or new leaders joining, we facilitate smooth transitions in ownership structures.
  • Employee buy-outs: Empowering your workforce, we guide employee buy-outs to foster a sense of ownership and continuity within the company.

Buying, growing or exiting

Trust Xeinadin Corporate Finance to advise you, download our brochure to discover how we can support you to maximise the value of your business. 

No matter your scale or sector, our corporate finance specialists situated across the UK and Ireland are equipped to offer you hands-on, personalised guidance that addresses every facet of your operations.

Meet our Corporate Finance Directors

Our team of corporate finance specialists are here to help you drive business growth and performance. Each member of our corporate finance team has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes in all sectors. This means we’re well-equipped to handle anything you throw our way.

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Paul Whitney

Paul Whitney

Corporate Finance Director
Steven Lindsay

Steven Lindsay

Corporate Finance Director
Keith McDonagh

Keith McDonagh

Corporate Finance Director (Ireland)

Why choose our corporate finance advisors?


Tailored Solutions

Our corporate finance advisors understand that every business is unique. We craft customised financial strategies that align with your goals and industry dynamics. That’s why we’ve successfully helped over 60,000 clients worldwide with corporate finance-related challenges.


Expert Insights

Backed by years of experience, our team of over 1,900 corporate finance specialists provide deep insights into various financial aspects, enabling you to make informed decisions.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you’re acquiring, merging or divesting, our advisors streamline the process, ensuring optimal outcomes and seamless transitions.


Financial Modelling

We leverage advanced financial modelling techniques to forecast scenarios, assess risks, and plan for a resilient financial future.


Exit Strategies

Prepare for a successful business exit with our expert corporate finance advice, ensuring maximum value extraction and smooth transition planning.


Efficient Financing

Access the right capital at the right time. We guide you through financing options, ensuring your financial structure supports your aspirations.

Book a meeting

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Corporate financing FAQs

When people refer to “corporate finance“, they’re usually referring to the process of raising capital through different activities and transactions. For example, this might look at alternative capital structures, funding sources, investments or other strategic accounting decisions.

While there is crossover between accounting and corporate finance, they aren’t the same. Accounting usually looks back at a company’s past transactions and seeks to record and monitor these transactions. On the other hand, corporate financing is much more concerned with the future. For example, planning the next takeover or acquisition of assets.

The role of a financial analyst is to research the market and company to create a robust investment strategy. This includes valuations, analysing historical trends, making projections and generating a business case to present to various stakeholders.

Financial modelling involves looking at your company’s financial situation to provide accurate valuations of your business and help you forecast growth. This means you can use these insights to make better decisions that support your business.

Corporate finance specialists like us have worked with numerous businesses to drive growth. Using decades of experience, acorporate finance advisor can tap into their network of funders and in-depth sector knowledge to identify the best deal for your business.

By knowing what capital structure makes sense for different types of businesses, your advisor will help you make strategic long-term decisions that make business sense.

Elevate your business with expert corporate finance advice

In the intricate world of corporate finance, having an experienced and knowledgeable corporate finance advisor by your side is a game-changer. Our team of experts provide businesses with the strategic financial insights needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Corporate Finance

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