Rise will give you the tools to grow yourself and your business. Our programme includes all the steps you need to grow.

Rise will give you the tools to
grow yourself and your business.
Our programme includes all the
steps you need to grow.

Rise will give you the tools to grow yourself and your business. Our programme includes all the steps you need to grow.

The Rise programme acts as a catalyst for change. Bringing together a wide range of businesses promotes new ideas and experiences to be shared. The action we have taken as a result of attending has enabled us to transform our business and achieve our goals.

Joe Pritchard

Director, Maggi Electronics

Rise has been really helpful for my personal development and driving the business forward. I came out of each session with ideas on how to improve our growing business. We have implemented often subtle changes that have had a large, positive impact on many aspects of the business.

Kieren Hall

Director, Avocet Steel

Rise has allowed me to take time out of my business to focus on making improvements, implement changes and create growth. It gave me much-needed time to reflect and meet other business owners with similar challenges. Setting goals and tracking these using KPIs has made a very positive impact on my business.

Brittany Delany

Business Owner, John Delany Motors

During a period of great change, Rise has provided time away from the business to generate new ideas with other business owners and focus on taking action to drive the business forward. It’s an exciting time for our business as we continue taking action and watching the business go from strength to strength.

Steve Mason

Operations Manager, Temperature Control

With my background in teaching, this was the first time I’ve led and motivated a team to transform a business. Rise provided the focus and techniques for me to reflect upon and take targeted action. It’s been hard work but so rewarding to create a confident team, happy customers and a thriving business.

Sarah Whitney

Business Owner, Hollins Wood Childcare

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Our 10 step business growth programme

We know that as a business owner, you may feel frustrated by the pace of change in your business, which means you may not achieve your business goals. This is why we developed Rise, a 10 step growth programme, to develop yourself, your team and your business.

Each step you take will move your business closer to being the business you want it to be. The sessions are full of like-minded business owners, so they offer the chance to build new business partnerships, supportive working relationships, as well as being a great networking opportunity.

Our 10 step business growth

Join the programme during any step in any phase


Setting goals for growth

When you know where you want to go and what you want to achieve, you can give your business the direction it needs to succeed.

Removing barriers to growth

We’ll help you understand the key factors that make your business a success by measuring what matters and removing what doesn’t.

Develop your growth strategy

Competitive advantage comes from being different. We will help you to define who you are and what you do, so you can stand out.

Growing as a leader

We will provide you with the leadership skills you need to drive your company, and engage your colleagues to achieve the business vision.

Grow the power of your team

We will help you engage your team and solve frustrations, improve customer service, and make your business a great place to work.
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Growth through pricing

This simple 7-step process will help you to understand the best way to price your products and service.


What drives growth?​

Learn how to grow your business, by generating and converting more leads and ensuring your customers stay longer and buy more.

Growth through marketing

Get your 7-step message out to the world in a way that is aligned with who you are and sets you apart from your competition.


Systems for growth

Learn how to take 10 weeks of holidays and work 35-hour weeks and still achieve your business goals. Not one to be missed!

Review your successes

Learn from the experiences, successes and mistakes of the businesses that have made the Rise journey with you.

We’ll help you to:

Rise with Xeinadin

Frequently asked questions

We start at 9:30am networking and catching up over a tasty breakfast buffet to make sure you’re fuelled and focused. There’s an interactive presentation from 10-12pm, including group work with our friendly business advisors who’ll support you to plan the actions you’re going to take to drive your business forward.

We love sharing and celebrating successes by awarding a bottle of champagne (or equivalent) at each session to the person who’s taken the best action!

We host Rise across Xeinadin Group, take a look at all our Rise events for the nearest one to you.

We offer a complimentary first session enabling you to meet our friendly team and discover the value for yourself! We guarantee that with the support of our business advisors, if you take consistent and persistent action aligned to your vision and goals, Rise will work for you. We offer a money-back guarantee on memberships so it’s risk free. Click the Rise you’d like to attend and choose the ‘First Rise for free’ ticket to start your Rise.

Memberships for 5 events per year are priced at £595. If you join us during the year you only pay for the remaining sessions.

Rise is a dedicated time for working on your business. Many businesses have two or three memberships enabling colleagues to work together during the sessions.

We also offer flexibility for you to share a membership with a colleague enabling you to focus on different topics, if you prefer.

Get in touch if you’d like help to choose the best option for you and your business.

Driving a business forward takes commitment and we’ll motivate you to prioritise attending. However, we do understand that in life and business unavoidable issues do arise. If you are unable to attend any session, please let us know and you’re welcome to offer your place to a colleague.

For the most impact, we recommend completing all the Rise programme to benefit from all the synergies between topics and build strong relationships with our business advisors and Rise members. However, if you do just want to focus on some individual steps you’re very welcome to join us. They are priced at £149.99 per session, subject to availability.

You can book individual steps online or speak to us to learn more.

Yes, we can also tailor a bespoke session for you and your team. It’s a perfect way for a larger team to work together with our business advisors on a specific area of your business, planning the action to drive it forward.

Please speak to us to start planning your bespoke session.

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If you’d like to learn more about Rise please contact our Marketing team on [email protected] and we’ll happily answer any queries.

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