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The world is seeing unprecedented growth: people are flocking to cities, new architectural designs are becoming smarter and more innovative, and there is increasing demand in the property and construction sector. Whether you are an agent, developer, investor, or adviser, we can work with you to provide the services that will serve to make your life easier, more efficient, and more conducive to success. By providing support from experts across a wide variety of fields, such as acquisition and disposal, tax planning, and cash management, Xeinadin is already helping many professionals within the property and construction sector. We can help you too.

Let Xeinadin help your business reach new heights​
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Services for property and construction businesses

With a wide variety of tools, knowledge and skills at our disposal, Xeinadin is able to help you grow your business sustainably and with success in mind. Through adaptive goal setting among an expansive network of experts and partners, we can support your ideas and help you realise your plans. 

Get help with all parts of your business acquisition or management buyout with our corporate finance experts. With years of experience, we house the knowledge and practical skills to ensure that your business is supported throughout every step of the journey.

Whether your business is large or small, Xeinadin can help you with your tax responsibility and planning. With focuses on maximising returns, while keeping risks to a minimum, we will help move your business into the best position for future success.

We can help your business become connected to the modern world with up-to-date and innovative new software, backed by our expertly trained accounting staff. With the many benefits of cloud accounting, from ease of access to usability, it is easy to see why businesses are quickly making the change.

Through the use of client-centred audit teams and comprehensive analysis and reporting systems, we can help make sure your business is protected. While analysing business systems, reports, personnel, and practices, we will systematically find errors, weaknesses, or fraudulent behaviours in your business that require immediate attention.

Keeping up with payroll as a busy business owner is hard, which is why Xeinadin provides timely and accurate payroll services so that both you and your employees are satisfied. Our off-site payroll services allow you to focus on the parts of your business that truly matter.

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Short success stories

Paul Noall

“I know the importance of having the right accountants and experts in place. Hallidays are commercial in their approach and I knew they would help us implement the changes that were crucial to the success and development of the business. With hindsight, I should even have done it sooner. ”

Paul Noall
Managing Director, J. Mills (Contractors) Ltd

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