Not-for-profit businesses

Xeinadin helps not-for-profits to make an impact.

Strong, steady support to stay on track

In a changing world, not-for-profit organisations face ever tougher challenges to stay on track and maintain their purpose. Increased competition for funding as the economy tightens – coupled with the additional cost burdens of changing legislation, and the squeeze of scrutiny from regulators – increase the need for expert, specialist input if they’re to survive.

Of course, that’s easy to say – but where can you find a holistic adviser who understands the rhythms and cadences of your life running an NFP organisation – let alone knowing the horizon ahead well enough to advise you.

But that’s where you’ll see the true value of Xeinadin. Our specialist NFP advisers have been supporting community groups, social enterprises, academies and development trusts for decades. They don’t just understand the intricacies of your taxation issues; they’re in tune with all the challenges you face – such as retaining and engaging donors, finding the right volunteers and maintaining sustainability, as well as organising rigorous and relevant internal and external processes. They’re past masters of helping you ensure you’re following all the rules while getting as much Governmental return as possible.

In the world to come, you’ll wonder how you survived without our support.

Face challenges and prepare for the future
Realise business goals

Experts in helping Not-For-Profits achieve their purpose

How can Xeinadin help you make the best decisions for your organisation?

How we help not-for-profit businesses

Growth and progression

Xeinadin’s wide variety of tools, knowledge and skills will enable you to grow your NFP towards a successful and sustainable future. Thanks to adaptive goal setting, our expansive network of experts and partners will help you secure funding and offer sensitive and flexible support for your ideas to help you get to where you want to be.

Xeinadin Business Growth
Xeinadin Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Get help with all parts of your business acquisition or management buyout with our corporate finance experts. With years of experience, we house the knowledge and practical skills to ensure that not-for-profit businesses are supported throughout every step of their journey.

Tax Planning

Xeinadin fully understands the intricacies of your taxation issues – so they can give clear guidance on optimising your tax responsibility and planning. Our tax experts will maximise returns, minimise risks and help you drive your business towards its best possible future.

Xeinadin Tax Planning
Xeinadin Cloud accounting

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting brings huge benefits to any Not For Profit organisation –  it means your systems are accessible from anywhere, always compliant and more secure than they’ve ever been – so it’s clear to see why more and more organisations like yours are making the change. We can help you connect to the future of Not For Profit accounting – helping you select the most suitable, up-to-date and innovative software. We’ll help you install and manage it, and you’ve got the backing of our expert accounting staff.

Audit & Assurance

Your local Xeinadin audit team builds its service around you. They’ll ensure your organisation is protected through meticulous analysis and reporting systems. They’ll scrutinise your systems, reports, personnel, and practices, systematically searching out errors, weaknesses or fraudulent behaviours. And they’ll set out for you balanced, pragmatic options on how to address them.

Xeinadin Auditing
Xeinadin Payroll


Payroll is one of those time-consuming hassles you really don’t need – so why not leave it to the team who does it day in, day out? The Xeinadin Payroll Service is a fully comprehensive off-site payroll service.

It’s swift, efficient and goes like clockwork – regardless of the number of employees – leaving you to concentrate on the parts of your business where you can really make a difference.

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