Supporting society through charities.

Supporting your charity now and in the future

The charity sector is far from one homogeneous type of entity. It’s a wide, diverse patchwork of organisations that are crucial to the existence of many. Accordingly, the rules and regulations around charities are complex and varied. That’s why Xeinadin is so valuable to this sector. Our team of charity support experts are uniquely positioned to support you through your financial, governance and legal needs to give you total peace of mind that everything is being handled as it should be.
Xeinadin will support you in all your advisory and accounting needs so that you can save valuable time and resources and focus on what you do best.

Supporting your charity now and in the future

How we can support and inspire your charity

Audit & Assurance

Xeinadin is seasoned specialists in the financial reporting and governance regimes concerning charities. We work with charities of all sizes, providing independent examination services to smaller charities and full statutory audits to larger ones. Our sector expert team has both commercial and not-for-profit expertise – meaning we understand your challenges and are well equipped to find solutions. We provide a risk-based, cost-effective audit giving you full confidence in our service.

Audit & Assurance
Internal Audit​

Internal Audit

Our dedicated Internal Audit teams are also experts in risk management – so we’re uniquely positioned to handle your Internal Audit needs. We are specialists in systems and controls – and we understand the need to balance the benefit of introducing new procedures with the potential cost, saving you money and giving you full confidence in your systems and processes. We always provide guidance and advice on gaining efficiencies within your systems so that our reviews add real value to your Charity.


Getting VAT rules right for your charity can be the difference between a project going ahead or not. Our VAT support to the charity sector ensures your charity is equipped with the most up-to-date VAT knowledge, giving you peace of mind that everything is being handled as it should. We support everything from animal charities to respite care providers and hospices – and anything in between in the third sector.

As an example, the issue of whether funding received represents non-business grant income or payment for a supply of services remains an ongoing area of concern for many. And increasing third-party collaboration – whether with other charities, universities or local authorities – raises another area of concern where VAT needs early consideration to reduce the risk of errors.

We can give you sound guidance and support on questions like these and much more, to make your VAT worries disappear.

Xeinadin Cloud accounting

Cloud Accounting & Outsourcing

We can help connect your charity to the modern world with up-to-date and innovative software, with support from our expert accounting team.

Cloud Accounting brings huge benefits to any charity – it means your systems are accessible from anywhere, always compliant and more secure than ever before – so it’s easy to see why more and more charities are making the change. We can support you with a fully-outsourced finance provision. Covering everything from raising sales invoices and processing purchase ledger transactions to reconciling the bank, we can run your finance function for you and be your trusted business partner.


Payroll is one of those time-consuming hassles you really don’t need – so why not leave it to the team who does it day in, day out? The Xeinadin Payroll Service is a fully comprehensive off-site payroll service.
It’s swift, efficient and runs like clockwork – regardless of the number of employees – leaving you concentrate on the parts of your charity where you can really make a difference.

Xeinadin Payroll
Travel industry Tax​

Business Advisory

Our business advisory services can truly take your charity to the next level. Our Charity teams include experts in the sector, many of whom are or have been Trustees of Charities. Bringing to the table further specialists in financial modelling, risk management and governance, we’re uniquely positioned to support you in whatever way you need. We also regularly provide training to Trustee Boards. As trusted business advisors to many charities like yours, we aim to give you full confidence that you can rely on us, both now and in the future.

Realise business goals

Expertise to support your charity

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