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Xeinadin - Industry Acadamy
Xeinadin - Industry Acadamy
Xeinadin - Industry Acadamy
Xeinadin - Industry Acadamy

How we support and inspire the education sector

Our specialist team has a wide knowledge of the education sector. Our Academy teams have worked with academies and multi-academy trusts (MATs) since their inception, providing a range of services as their trusted business partners. We work with numerous Independent Schools and have a specialism in providing tax advisory services to Universities and Further Education Colleges. Education is the key to success and we’re here to inspire you to unlock your full potential. 

We really understand the sector and use our wide ranging experience to provide value added advice where ever we can so you benefit from both our commercial and not-for-profit expertise.

Supporting education means supporting the future
Xeinadin Academies Benchmarking Report

Xeinadin Academies
Benchmarking Report

Each year we prepare the Xeinadin Group Academy Benchmark Report. Taking data from over 450 Trusts across the country we compare a series of Key Performance Indicators. You can download and read the latest report here.

Business growth

How we can support and inspire you

Statutory Audit is at the heart of the service we provide to the Education sector. We are specialists in the Financial Reporting and Governance regimes surrounding academies and Independent Schools. As well as the Financial Statements audit we also provide Accountants Assurance on Regularity – our thorough understanding of the Academies Financial Handbook and the regulatory regime surrounding Academies makes us ideally placed to carry out this work giving you peace of mind you are well looked after for all your audit needs.

With our specialist Internal Audit team who are experts in Risk Management we are ideally placed to help you meet the Internal Scrutiny requirements of the Academies Financial Handbook. By utilising our in-depth knowledge of the Academy Sector we are really able to add value. Our teams have worked with Further Education Colleges in meeting their Internal Audit requirements giving you confidence we have covered all areas of risk and security.

Our specialist VAT team are recognised across the UK for their VAT support provided to both Universities and Colleges of Further Education. Our VAT team began within the education sector themselves, as a trading entity of a University and our support of both the Association of Colleges (AOC) and the British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG) ensures the quality of VAT support we can deliver is recognised across the UK. As a specialist VAT provider to the Education Sector we deliver a, free to access, Annual VAT Forum for both UK Universities and UK Colleges which have run for many decades and enable finance teams to share VAT knowledge and learning – details of which can here found here.

Colleges and Universities often hold significant property assets to support their educational provision and VAT management from new build, refurbishment, use for publicly funded research and indeed changes in the use of their capital estate are all areas where VAT complexities lie. We deal with the day to day VAT management issues arising from systems as well as major campus development projects, helping our education clients maximise their access to the VAT reliefs that are available to this sector.

We can help your Trust with innovative new software, backed by our expertly trained accounting team. With the many benefits of cloud accounting, from ease of access to usability, it is easy to see why schools are quickly making the change. We have developed a cloud based accounting system that uses the ESFAs standardised chart of accounts to work specifically with Academies. We have implemented cloud based solutions into Independent Schools and have worked with the management teams to enhance the efficiency of the finance operation giving you confidence your systems are as efficient and effective as possible.

We have specialist payroll teams who are experts in the complexities of school payroll. Dealing with the requirements of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, The Local Government Pension Scheme and using spines and pay scales are all part of our School Payroll service which means that you have peace of mind your payroll is well looked after.

We are not just education specialists, our commercial approach means that we can really make a difference through our business advisory services. Our education teams include directors and managers who are experts in the sector and beyond. Between them our senior team has years of experience in guiding clients through the ever increasing regulatory regime. Whether you need support in reviewing the structure of you finance team, carrying out Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning reviews or Due Diligence work on new schools joining a trust we are perfectly placed to support you.

Academy Benchmark Tool

Do you want to benchmark your own academy? With our free tool, you can compare your data with other primary, secondary schools or multi-academy trusts. It supports School Business Managers, Governors and Headteachers with insights into how to use resources to support educational outcomes for pupils. Benchmarking is an effective tool for the self-evaluation of primary and secondary schools and MATs.

What our clients say

Nick David
“The importance of understanding our business and Xeinadin Group’s keenness to build a working relationship resulted in a unanimous decision by the selection panel. We definitely didn’t just want a professional adviser – we wanted a partnership.”

Nick David
Chief Finance Officer, The Dean Trust

Trinity High School

“We consider Hallidays to be a strong, practical and experienced team of professionals. Without their knowledge, forthright suggestions and critiques, we would not have been able to deliver the desired results within the tight deadlines imposed upon us.”

Jacky Elliott
Business Manager, Trinity CoE High School

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