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Xeinadin Group is your trusted quality business advisor, now and in the future

By providing specialised technical advice from a local office perspective, we act as quality business advisors and stand as your trusted business partner – now and in the future.

Business advice on the forefront of technology

Xeinadin delivers unmatched data-driven business advice, with years of experience, local roots and extensive support network.

By using innovational technology – such as big data and AI – we are able to spot trends over time and compare different sectors. These detailed benchmarking insights help you drive growth and productivity.

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A selection of our services

Relevant financial information is essential for your business to make informed decisions. We will provide you with periodic management accounts and highlights of key performance indicators. We will also prepare your statutory annual accounts to assist in fulfilling your obligations to report on the financial position of your business.

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Cloud Accounting provides you with real-time financial information and reporting. Your data can be accessed regardless of location or device. Real-time access to financial data empowers you to make informed management decisions. We specialise in providing leading cloud software and invoicing software.

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For an acquisition, multiple benefits lie in a successful transition. We guide you through the process, from exploring the strategic options available to you to advising on, and project managing the chosen solution. This way we can ensure your time is best spent and energy directed to essential activities.

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We undertake forensic investigations for all purposes, for example, divorce or marriage disputes to determine entitlement in a financial settlement, for commercial disputes where a business needs to understand the level of damage, or for fraud investigations to determine whether there has been a fraudulent act and, if so, assess the impact of said fraud.

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We provide you with a fully comprehensive off-site payroll service, regardless of the number of employees. It’ll reduce your workload, saving you valuable time and money. We deal with all aspects of your payroll and auto-enrolment requirements, including salary benefit schemes which means that your team gets to make their money go even further, all with your help.

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Our Tax Planning Services can advise all businesses on tax planning, transaction support and compliance. Our service ensures that all the appropriate business structures are in place to help mitigate potential liabilities in the areas of Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax, Stamp Duty and VAT.

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We take the time to know and understand your business and discuss with you the key audit risks. We proactively review financial management and taxation structures as part of the audit process and report to management on our findings. 

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We support our clients in maximising their VAT recovery position and help them minimise their exposure to VAT errors or penalties. We also advise organisations on import and export duties.

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Xeinadin Group offers more than 25 services. Download our brochure for more information.

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We aren’t afraid to ask the right questions. We provide traditional accountancy services but truly thrive when we can add value by working together with an in-depth business understanding. To get an answer to even the toughest challenges, we use the power of the crowd through our network of more than 1,500 advisors to provide solutions.

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