Xeinadin gives you access to national expertise through a local team that knows your business. We’re management consultants who specialise, but see your business and your industry as a whole.

Business advice on the forefront of technology

Business advice from the far horizon of technology

We’re management consultants who specialise, but see your business as a whole. Your traditional accountancy services are a given – but wait till we take you up through the gears. That’s when we really add value. Using cutting edge technology – like big data and AI – we analyse, compare and spot trends over time. Then we present you with detailed benchmarking insights help you drive growth and productivity.

We plan your business journey from end to end and from every angle. And because there’s very little we haven’t seen, you know it’s a view you can trust. 

Forward thinking, proven in practice. 

Our services


Relevant financial information is essential for your business to make informed decisions.

Audit & Assurance

Our auditors scrutinise business systems, reports, personnel, and practices, systematically searching out errors, weaknesses or fraudulent behaviours in your business.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting means your systems are accessible from anywhere, always compliant and more secure than ever.

Corporate Finance

Whether you want to buy a business, sell a business, or raise finance, our Corporate Finance advisors will help you succeed.

Corporate Recovery

Having the right support is essential when running a business, even more so when you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Forensic & Investigation

We offer expert knowledge with investigative skills in various litigation support and investigative accounting settings.


Our Payroll department is swift, efficient and runs like clockwork – regardless of the number of employees.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Our Tax Planning experts will help you to think to the future, minimise your liability and keep you on the right side of the taxman.

Environmental Taxes

Environmental taxes are legislative charges aimed at reducing practices that cause damage to the environment.


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Deep understanding of your business

We aren’t afraid to ask the right questions. We thrive on building close relationships to provide you with expert advice across the whole spectrum of business and associated personal issues – everything from management accounts and auditing to advice on your personal tax return and corporate finance. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and dreams.
Deep understanding of your business​
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