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Gone are the days when a bank’s rejection was a roadblock you couldn’t overcome. We specialise in not only identifying but also assessing current and new funding avenues. Our expertise allows us to devise a strategic, long-term funding plan that suits your unique requirements. And that’s not all – we are dedicated to being your guiding light every step of the way.

A specialised approach

Acquiring businesses or expanding your own requires more than ambition – it demands a strategic financial approach. Our seasoned team of experts brings years of experience to the table, adeptly navigating the intricate landscape of finance. Whether you’re eyeing a strategic acquisition or aiming to scale your operations, we have the financial expertise to turn your vision into reality.


Unlocking Opportunities

Our proven methodologies enable us to identify the most suitable funding avenues for your acquisition or expansion plans. From analysing your financial landscape to sourcing the ideal financing options, we ensure every step is executed with precision. Our comprehensive understanding of financial markets and investor sentiments equips us to present your growth proposition in the most compelling light.

Buying, growing or exiting

Trust Xeinadin Corporate Finance to advise you, download our brochure to discover how we can support you to maximise the value of your business. 

Meet our Corporate Finance Directors

Steven Lindsay

Steven Lindsay

Corporate Finance Director
Paul Whitney

Paul Whitney

Corporate Finance Director
Keith McDonagh

Keith McDonagh

Corporate Finance Director (Ireland)

Corporate finance services

No matter the scale or sector of your business, our expert teams situated across the UK and Ireland are equipped to offer you hands-on, personalised guidance that addresses every facet of your operations.

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