Business Exit Strategy & Planning

Exiting a business is a pivotal moment that demands meticulous planning to ensure a seamless transition and secure the best outcomes.

Seamless business exit planning

When contemplating the exit strategy for your business, you have various options at your disposal to rightfully capitalise on the knowledge and expertise invested in its development. Beyond the conventional trade sale route, which we boast extensive experience in, our team of adept corporate finance advisors offers invaluable insights into diverse avenues such as stock market flotations, management buy-outs, and employee buy-outs.

These strategies cater to a spectrum of preferences, allowing for both comprehensive or partial exits, all while guaranteeing meticulous tax optimisation aligned with your chosen exit pathway.

Your exit journey is our priority, ensuring that your achievements are rewarded in full measure.

Buying, growing or exiting

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Exit avenues


Trade Sale

With a proven legacy in trade sales, we orchestrate a seamless process that realizes your business’s true worth.


Stock Market Flotations

Venture into the exciting terrain of stock market flotations, unlocking new dimensions of growth and investment opportunities.


Management Buy-Outs

Seamlessly transition leadership through management buy-outs, preserving your business’s legacy and essence.


Employee Buy-Outs

Foster continuity and growth with employee buy-outs, allowing your workforce to carry your business’s torch forward.

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Paul Whitney

Corporate Finance Director
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Steven Lindsay

Corporate Finance Director
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Keith McDonagh

Corporate Finance Director (Ireland)

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