3 tips on how to improve your team’s productivity 

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According to a survey from Workthere, the majority of office workers feels the most productive between 10 and 11am. So if you want to finish that report or do the task you have been procrastinating, do it in the morning. Being productive and stimulating the productivity of your employees and co-workers is beneficial to the success of your business.

Today on World Productivity Day, we take a look at 3 tips to maximise the productivity of your business.

Productivity tip #1: A healthy sleeping pattern

The research of Workthere also looked into UK office workers’ sleeping patterns to see if there is a connection between the hours of sleep you have and the level of productivity you experience the next day. And guess what? Most of the office workers go to sleep at 10:30pm and wake up at 6:45am. The people who go to sleep or wake up any later than this have a tendency to experience a drop in their productivity level. Only 2% of the respondents who wake up between 9 and 10am, and 7% who go to sleep later than 1am, said they feel productive throughout the day. So check in with yourself what your sleeping pattern is!

Productivity tip #2: Use devices wisely

Mobile devices such as smartphones can be a distraction but also a blessing. It depends if you use them wisely. The possibility of texting, making video calls on the go and sending the right documents within the blink of an eye, makes work easier. According to a Tech Republic survey, 49% of the respondents believe that wearable technology, such as smartwatches, improves efficiency in the workplace. That is why it is nice to look at what kind of devices make your working day even more efficient. 

Productivity tip #3: Hybrid working works

Hybrid working is a way of working that has been a reality for many of us. According to a CIPD survey, more than two-thirds (71%) of the participants said that homeworking had no detrimental impact on productivity. This figure is made up of 33% who said that productivity improved and 38% who said it was stable. And seven in 10 said the increase in homeworking had either boosted or made no difference to productivity. 

It can also be inspiring to work from different locations, especially in combination with the technical possibilities of mobile devices. In this way, employees can have a healthier work-life balance. So look at which working ways are the most suitable for you and your team. Read more about hybrid working in our hybrid working whitepaper.

We are here to help
Productivity is a hard-to-grasp subject within a business, but with these tips, you are more likely to stimulate it. We hope they have inspired you to improve your way of working. If you need any advice about hybrid working, just reach out to us through the contact form below.


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