Cloud accounting is revolutionising SME finances


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Small businesses are often in a difficult spot when it comes to accounting. You don’t have access to the slew of accountants and lawyers that big corporations do, and you need to be responsible for the bookkeeping of your business and regulations and tax law. Historically, this has resulted in small business owners hiring expensive accountants to do the work for them.

But a new set of software has changed the playing field when it comes to small business accounting. With accessibility, clarity, and affordability at the forefront of development, it is becoming easier than ever to take accounting into your own hands and run your business the way you want to.

The benefits of cloud accounting

At the top of the list for the most beneficial aspect of cloud accounting is the accessibility of your data and information. Your figures can be accessed anytime, without having to wait for an accountant’s report. Your figures are available to you anytime you are connected to the internet, giving mobility and peace of mind to business owners.

With the benefit of constant access to your data comes the ability to have constantly updated data. Whereas previously, you may have had to manage spreadsheets or paper books, here all the data you need can be entered into one place. This maximised flow of data allows the business owner to look for specific information easily, minimise time spent on data entering, and generate specified reports at any moment. Modern cloud accounting systems can be plugged into your POS (point of sale) systems, your supply management software, or your purchasing platform. By specifying the criteria you want to program to look for, you have complete control over your business’ accounting.

“Invoices can be automatically sent out each month, ensuring that payments from customers are received on time and in full.”

Cloud accounting software is designed with usability in mind, meaning that they go beyond the basic accounting software to include add-ons like automatic invoicing and alerts for credit control changes. Invoices can be automatically sent out each month, ensuring that payments from customers are received on time and in full; the system can even alert you if there is a late payment or a payment debt.

This revolutionary software is changing the game when it comes to accounting, and while the software is designed specifically for business owners, it can always be helpful to get help from a professional when first starting out. If you are unsure about cloud accounting, reach out and ask for professional help!


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