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Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, but it will astonish you how far your brain can go with inventing new ideas for your business. You don’t have to be the new Michelangelo to be certified as a creative genius, but creativity is also there in the moments of your daily working life. In this blog, we look at some nice techniques to spark your creativity while working. Get reading!

#1 Creative thinking tip: Doodling
It may seem that there’s no use in doodling for 5 minutes, but giving your brain the space to roam free, gives it the possibility to come up with new ideas. According to Harvard, doodling can help you relax, remember more, and improve your creativity.

#2 Creative thinking tip: Have a walk
Did you know that walking boosts your creative thinking? A Stanford study compared the creative output of people who sat and people who’ve had a walk. It showed that someone’s creative thinking output increased by an average of 60% after they have walked. Try it yourself; take a moment to go outside and take a stroll, whether it may be long or short.

#3 Creative thinking tip: Crazy eight technique
It is essential to know when to diverge your thinking process and when to converge into actionable ideas to really use creativity for the better. A method to come up with new ideas is to do the crazy eight technique with more than two colleagues. It only takes 10 minutes!

  1. Be sure to know what problem you are trying to solve. For whom is the solution? Why is there a problem?
  2. Take a paper and divide it into eight equal sections.
  3. Set a timer for one minute and doodle, draw or write down the craziest idea to solve the problem. Think out of the box: going into a hot air balloon with clients, selling financial services in the supermarket, or making a boat out of all printed outstanding invoices. Go crazy!
  4. Repeat this process eight times in total. 
  5. Have a look at the solutions and discuss what everyone has come up with.
  6. After you have brainstormed and have made all kinds of crazy ideas, it is time to convert them into workable plans. Maybe the ideas will not be directly useful, but aspects of them can be, so don’t be too harsh on your thoughts or the ideas of others. 
  7. Enjoy the moment of having had a brainstorming session and look at how to implement the ideas into your business. 

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To think creatively is a great asset to master, but it is even greater if you know how to use that asset properly. If you use it wisely in a commercial environment, you can maximise the potential of your business. So don’t forget to spark your own creativity from time to time to overcome challenges and create new business opportunities. Our accountants would love to help you with that.


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