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Follow Xeinadin’s step-by-step growth programme and gain a big business advantage

In business, ‘Growth’ is an easy word to bandy around, but few businesspeople truly understand what drives it. And even those who feel they’re doing well can always benefit from a few tips on how to maximise it. So, it’s an admission of strength, rather than failure, to seek a little outside expertise.

After all – even top sportspeople use coaches to make the most of their talent. We’d like to invite you to join Xeinadin’s Rise Programme, so we can put a bit of wind beneath your wings. 

Just this one step could be a – many of our clients have found a single Rise session to be far more effective than numerous time-consuming board meetings that try to achieve the same thing. 

Xeinadin’s Rise Programme can help you see more clearly where your business stands right now – and how to get your hands on the levers to take control of your future.

Rise is a step-by step, tried and trusted methodology to help you see the big picture and the granular detail. It’ll show you how to mentally strip your business down to its ‘nuts and bolts’ – equipping you to measure what’s working and fix what’s not.  

It’ll help you to set your personal and business goals, giving you direction. By understanding and removing the barriers to growth you’ll maximise your success. 

Rise will help you understand how you get and keep customers – your key to understanding how to grow the business around your ideal customers. It’ll help you understand your team, what makes them tick and how to get them playing to each other’s strengths and working together as parts of the machine. More valuable still, it’ll show you how to get them buying into your mindset, understanding what keeps you awake at night so that you can rely on them to make the decisions that you’d make if you were in their place.

And most valuable of all, it’ll help you understand yourself as a leader. What are your strong points, what do you need to work on and how to get your team to follow you? 

Our 2-year programme covers: 

  • Setting goals for growth
  • Removing barriers to growth
  • Developing your growth strategy
  • Growing as a leader
  • Developing the power of your team
  • Growth through pricing
  • Drivers of growth
  • Growth through marketing
  • Systems for growth
  • Review your success

Each step takes your business closer to being the business you want it to be. With the support of our business advisors, we guarantee that if you take consistent and persistent action aligned with your vision and goals, Rise will work for you. We’re so confident we include a money-back guarantee! 

But places are limited, so book a complimentary first session today to meet our friendly team and discover the value for yourself.


They are focussed on creating a future-focused and relationship-driven culture, that keeps its promises to you, our team members, and partners.