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Everyone in business knows the standard reasons for hiring a professional accountant. They keep your books clean and compliant, up to date and accurate, making sure tax filings are made on time and correctly. 

Because accurate bookkeeping and tax management is complicated, an accountant can save you a lot of time, effort and, in the long term, money. As well as avoiding potentially costly errors, accountants have the expertise to identify tax efficiencies that will cut your liabilities. They can also help to improve your invoicing regime, which in turn keeps your cash flow healthy. 

All of that adds up to a strong argument for hiring an accountant no matter what size business you run. But pick the right firm and there is even more that they can do for you. 

Here at Xeinadin, while accountancy is our bread and butter, it is just the tip of the iceberg of what we offer to clients. Managing accounts properly is an operational necessity, part and parcel of what makes the mechanics of a business work well day to day. 

But we also take a broader view than that. Alongside the operational, we also aim to support clients at a strategic level. Beyond bookkeeping and accountancy, we also offer a wide range of business advisory services that aim not just to tick a few jobs off a to do list, but drive growth and deliver added value to your business. 

Gold standard data

How does business advisory tie into accounting? The two go together naturally, to the extent that you could argue that hiring an accountant and not getting the benefit of actionable insights that make a genuine difference to your business is a wasted opportunity. 

Put it this way – modern businesses are awash with data that can be used to inform decision making and enact positive change. But none of it is as effective as the financial data that accountants are experts at working with. At the end of the day, business performance boils down to financial performance, so this really is the gold standard.  

With privileged access to the financial workings of your business, accountants are uniquely positioned to spot patterns and trends in the data that forewarn of potential performance problems early, or identify opportunities to boost revenues and margins etc. 

Finance-driven business advisory is ideal for laying the groundwork for growth. It can help any business identify efficiency gains and ways to improve current performance, which then creates a solid platform for fulfilling further ambitions. All too often, businesses jump into expansion without first ensuring they are in a position to make it work.  

Specialist advisors with a background in accountancy are also skilled problem solvers, which makes them good people to have on board when your business is facing difficulties. At Xeinadin, we list corporate recovery among our services for this very reason.  

While insolvency advice and administration is a specialist area in its own right, it is an excellent fit for the core skills and expertise we are able to provide as a firm of accountants. Through parallel services like financial auditing and forensic accounting, we specialise in diving deep into company data, extracting insights into what is going right or wrong, and formulating solutions accordingly. 

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