How to create a healthy hybrid workplace

How to create a healthy hybrid workplace

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A lot of businesses have integrated hybrid working into their working culture. But how do you create healthy working routines for your employees with this new form of working? This August celebrates National Wellness. This month focuses on stress management and creating a healthy working environment. If you are looking for an excuse to make a change in your business, start this month in support of National Wellness Month. Read more about how to achieve that!

It’s all about routines

The switch to working from home may have a negative impact on your employee’s mental health. If they cannot find a routine that works for them, or if they are struggling to separate work and private life. To support them, you can encourage your employees to develop a working routine:

• Set up a dedicated workspace and set boundaries for other household members.

• Create more opportunities for employees to stay connected by communicating through regular chats and team catch-ups.

• Eating healthily and doing exercises can also help improve mental health, especially when woven into a regular routine.

Give them the right tools

Although you are not legally obliged to cover all costs associated with home working, it would be reasonable to cover costs of equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, and other IT equipment required to perform their function to the best of their ability. You will also have to consider adaptations to meet health and safety standards. In this way, you give your employees the right tools to connect with each other and their clients. 

Keep setting goals

At Xeinadin, we are all about setting and achieving business goals. You may find that not having employees in close physical proximity leads to difficulty in maintaining employee development and upgrading skills. However, you could encourage employees to take the opportunity to learn new skills through online events or courses.

Do you want to know more about hybrid working in a healthy way? Then take a look at our whitepaper about hybrid working. Our business experts give you advice about what the advantages of hybrid working are, what considerations to take and how to manage it in your business. 


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