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It’s easy to become a leader. The hard part is actually leading. Many are leaders in name only.

So how do you lead effectively? In fact – what actually is leadership? Well, first of all, don’t confuse it with management. Management is mostly about process. Leadership is mostly about behaviour.

Eisenhower defined it as the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it”.

Managing and leading are two different mindsets – often different personality types. A good manager has natural talents for organising, implementing, delegating, reacting and improving productivity.

A leader’s talents, on the other hand, must include the ability to inspire, motivate, initiate change, challenge the status quo, proactively set the pace, and inspire loyalty.

To be a great leader, you also need the ability to let go – to give people freedom. To equip and empower good people to make good decisions, and trust them with it – right or wrong. And then have the wisdom and courage to stand by it as if it were your own decision.

So you need to create an environment within which the best people are able to do their best work. You need to organise your resources to multiply the talents and abilities of each individual in order that ordinary people are collectively capable of extraordinary things.

Which means the first thing you have to learn is, not to manage other people, but to manage yourself. Once you’ve mastered that, managing people is a doddle.

Of course – that’s easier said than done if you just rely on looking in the mirror and holding yourself to account. Change will come more rapidly and satisfying if you have a little help. Now, don’t look away like that – even the best sportspeople in the world use coaches to help them improve.

But you don’t actually need to go to the expense of hiring a personal coach. You can just book yourself onto Xeinadin’s Rise Programme. It’ll help you identify and develop your own healthy leadership behaviours, and learn to use powerful, trusted tools to grow into an effective, inspiring leader.

In fact, just this one action could be a giant step in the right direction – many of our clients have found a single Rise session to be far more effective than numerous time-consuming board meetings that try to achieve the same thing.

We offer a complimentary first session to meet our friendly team and we even include a money-back guarantee on the programme making it risk-free for you.

But places are limited, so sign up for the next Rise session today.


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