4 tools to help maintaining communication while physical distanced


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It is surprising how quickly your employees and colleagues fall out of step when it comes to maintaining communication throughout the various departments of your business when they have physical distance. Digital file-sharing platforms help mitigate the effect of working from home on the practical aspects of the day-to-day, but the interpersonal interaction and communication aspects are more difficult to tackle. By using webinars and web-call systems, users maintain the creativity and efficiency of in-person work without sacrificing safety and social responsibility, making it a perfect option to implement into your current situation management plan.


Demio is a particularly useful tool because of its ease-of-use and adaptability to a variety of technical skill levels. With many functions, such as recording of live webinars, screen sharing, live chat, and mobile support, Demio is a platform that fosters productive and efficient work. With a useful functionality of pre-recorded videos and webinars (that can even be made to be fully automated and on-demand), interaction between users can be as comprehensive (with polls and file sharing) or simplistic as you wish. Added benefits like customisability with logos and colors, insight with analytics and statistics, and automatic reminder emails make sure that professionalism is at the forefront of your work.

Google Meet

Well known for years as being reliable and easy-to-use, Google Meet is a minimalistic conference call application. You can invite members via browser-URL and there are no downloads required, so you can easily and quickly invite new members to join. Sign-in and administrative options help maintain call security. Even better, no one will forget the scheduled calls because of automatic addition of events to Google Calendars.


If you have been online the last months, you’ve likely heard about Zoom. As a video calling application, Zoom provides screen sharing and allows for pre-recorded webinars as well as live calls. Live chat, polls, hand-raising features, and digital background manipulation are built into the base system, meaning that you can host interactive meetings. Zoom doesn’t have web browser support, so you will need to download the browser app (which is easy and quick to install), or you can download the app on your mobile device and join calls from anywhere. Unlike many other services, Zoom gives complete insight into analytics and statistics.


Designed to be the ultimate webinar application. WebinarNinja provides private, paid, live, prerecorded, and interactive webinar options – anything you could want out of a webinar. You can run webinars on “auto-pilot” or as a series, or you can include polls, buttons, Q&A groups and file sharing on live webinars. From start to finish, WebinarNinja is professional with opening and closing thank you pages, analytics and statistics, and automatic confirmation and reminder emails to participants. Whether you use WebinarNinja for running


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