Maintaining Sustainable Business Relationships


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Did you know that sustainability goes beyond reducing your business’ carbon footprint? A Delphi study (2021) shows that corporate sustainability also pursues the sustainable development of a company in the economic and social areas. Maintaining sustainable business relationships is beneficial for the growth of your company. In this blog, we shine a light on how to achieve this.

Trust is the key to sustainability

Gaining trust is the most important thing to maintaining sustainable business relationships with your clients and employees. Setting long-term personal goals with an employee is a sign that you are willing to invest in their future. A mentoring program can help in making those goals a reality. Make a questionnaire about what participants seek in a mentor or mentee to match the right employees.

To create a sustainable business relationship with your clients, it’s important to collaborate in a way that is beneficial for both parties. Re-evaluate your business goals from time to time and check-in with one another to make sure that your business partner is on the same page. Are you ready to invest in one another for long-term success? We at Xeinadin find that very important. 

It is also wise to be proactive in communicating with your clients. Show them that you understand their business goals and are willing to work together to achieve those goals. Don’t always wait for your clients to come to you. Take the initiative to be the business they can rely on.

How Xeinadin builds sustainable business relationships

Working together enables us to deliver the best solutions for you. Close trusted relationships are at the very heart of our business model. Our team cares about you and your future success. We are not here merely to provide a service or earn fees; we are here to help you achieve your personal and business goals. We do that with data-driven business advice and by giving you benchmark insights. 

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They are focussed on creating a future-focused and relationship-driven culture, that keeps its promises to you, our team members, and partners.