Keep your not-for-profit organisation on track with Xeinadin

Keep your not-for-profit organisation on track with Xeinadin

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The not-for-profit sector is diverse, varied and important for our society. The rules and regulations surrounding charities, however, are complicated. Where do you look for guidance and which factors should you consider? In this blog, we elaborate on how Xeindadin offers you support. 


Thanks to decades of working with almost every type of not-for-profit organisation imaginable, our sector specialists have seen all kinds of situations and have a clear understanding of how you see things. But with our wider commercial experience, we can also help you find innovative solutions that you may not have considered.

Audit & Assurance

We’re seasoned specialists in the financial reporting and governance regimes around Not For Profits – and experts in risk-based, cost-effective audits. So you can be confident of experienced scrutiny of your systems, reports, personnel, and practices. They know what they’re looking for and they’ll systematically search out any errors, weaknesses or fraudulent behaviours so you can present your accounts with total confidence.

Tax Planning

Xeinadin fully understand the intricacies of your taxation issues – so they can give clear guidance on optimising your tax responsibility and planning. Our tax experts will maximise returns, minimise risks and help you drive your business towards its best possible future.

They don’t just understand the intricacies of your taxation issues; they’re in tune with all the challenges you face – retaining and engaging donors, finding the right volunteers and maintaining sustainability, organising rigorous and relevant internal and external processes.

How does Xeinadin support your not-for-profit organisation? 

Our specialist not-for-profit advisers have supported community groups, social enterprises, academies and development trusts for decades. They’re masters of helping you ensure you’re compliant while getting as much Governmental return as possible.

In the world to come, you’ll wonder how you survived without Xeinadin’s support.

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Want to know more about what we can do for your business? In our easy-to-read brochure, we also cover our other services such as VAT, Growth & Progression and Cloud Accounting & Outsourcing. Download it now to get all the tips and support you need. 


They are focussed on creating a future-focused and relationship-driven culture, that keeps its promises to you, our team members, and partners.