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How you as the leader can build the right team AND the ideal environment for it to grow

What’s the difference between a workforce and a team?

If you think they’re roughly the same thing, you need to read this. Because the difference can be as black and white as success and failure.

Studies prove over and over again that an engaged team, with a shared vision and mutual trust, gets more done, in less time, more profitably. And it’s much more likely to propel a business to reach its goals.

In fact, the phrase ‘more profitably’ is an understatement.  According to a study by Harvard Business Review, a business focusing on individual and team morale can be 30%-40% more profitable.

That’s not a small difference.

What’s more, companies that feature in ‘The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For’ consistently outperform others in their sectors by 15%–20%.

Other studies have shown that a 10%-15% increase in team satisfaction and happiness can improve net profitability by 42%.

So who wouldn’t love a team like that?  How do you get one?

Well, read on…

Rise with Xeinadin takes business leaders like you through a tried-and-tested, step by step guide to growing a successful company. Giving them a distinctly unfair advantage over their competitors.

It trains you in invaluable skills like setting effective goals, removing the barriers to growth, developing a growth strategy and how to be a more inspiring, successful leader. One that people follow – not just because you’re paying them – but because they want to go where you’re going.

And in the next module, we’re going to show you how you can build an engaged, productive and profitable team.

And the figures show that if you apply these learnings persistently and consistently, you will see results on the bottom line.  

Our Rise members typically see an average 16% improvement across their business metrics!

Of course, we’re not promising you a magic wand. In this increasingly volatile business world, the things that worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow. Which is why we also teach you how to be agile.

You and your team must be ready to move fast, switch and modify plans.  They must keep open minds, and an unerring eye on the future.

And above all, they must share the leaders passion, purpose, vision and goals.

This is not a hiring issue. You can’t simply throw money at it.

It’s a teambuilding issue – and there are no shortcuts. It takes courage, discipline and the investment of a lot of emotional energy.

And it’s not enough to simply communicate your vision for the business – however clearly.

You need to find the way to get every one of your team sharing your purpose – and matching your passion. So you all have the same motivation to get out of bed every morning.

And this is what the Rise programme will prepare you to do.

To motivate. To inspire. To ensure that everyone in the organisation knows and understands its purpose – and what you’re trying to achieve, so that they can help get you there.

It’ll help you understand what makes a good team go bad. How to maintain a good one.

And how to turn a bad one around.

It’ll prepare you to avoid the 5 main pitfalls teams face as they ‘grow together’. Working through each one in turn – and showing you not only how to identify them, but how you can expertly overcome them.

And more valuable still, it will help you observe your own behaviours from outside – how you respond to things, what your triggers are – so that you can understand, analyse, control and change the negatives.

It’ll train you to re-evaluate everything you know about leadership and teams. In conventional organisations, the people at the bottom have all of the information and push it up to the top.

Whereas the most successful businesses push the decision-making authority down. Giving the responsibility and accountability of decision making to the people with the best information.

It means, instead of telling someone to do this, or that, you tell them where you want to get to – what you want to achieve – and let them get on with it. Because they should know their jobs better than you do, so they’re better equipped to get things done on the spot than you are from afar.

And perhaps the most important skill the Rise Programme will instil into you is how to build the environment within which these people can perform at their best.

People, like plants, grow differently and prefer different conditions. They communicate, react and behave differently. What’s important to some barely matters to others,

So you need to transform yourself, not into one model leader, but as many types of leader as there are people in your team.

That, among many other things, is what the Rise Programme will do for you. It’s an established and proven method for achieving your goals.

It doesn’t matter what those goals are – double your holidays, reduce your working week from 50 hours to 30 hours, double your profits – we guarantee that if you stick to our action plan consistently, by the end of the two-year course, you’ll achieve it by the time we get to the end of our two-year programme.

In fact, just this one action could be a giant step in the right direction – many of our clients have found a single Rise session to be far more effective than numerous time-consuming board meetings that try to achieve the same thing.

Take action! 

  • Book your free Rise session for ‘Grow the power of your team’. Visit our Rise webpage to see our upcoming events and learn more about our Rise business growth programme. 
  • Request signposting to support for developing your team. Contact us to learn more. 

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