Spring Budget Summary 2023


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In the same week that the Academy Awards was swept by “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once”, the Chancellor followed up with his own “Everywhere, Enterprise, Employment and Education” Budget… It might not be award-worthy, but we ask: is it Enough?

Today’s Budget was focused on resolving two key issues in the UK economy: improving productivity through capital investment and improving labour supply by bringing workers back into the market.

We consider many of these measures as a step in the right direction: ensuring companies can fully deduct capital expenses, increasing the tax credit available for certain research and development businesses, and of course the abolishment of the lifetime allowance. 

Upon review, the benefits will be less substantial than the headlines might suggest. Each step forward in reliefs and allowances is accompanied by a step backwards in terms of complexity and restrictions. At Xeinadin, we can help cut through the complexity of these announcements to help ensure your objectives can be met tax efficiently.


Our downloadable budget summary tells you more about today’s announcements, focusing on the following:

  • Capital allowances
  • Research and Development
  • Personal Tax
  • Tax simplification
  • Creative industries
  • Employers
  • Investment zones
  • Indirect Tax
  • Previous announcements

Download the summary


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