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staying connected

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In our current world of working from home and keeping our distance, it is essential that you and your business are maintaining reliable and productive communication. For companies that generally rely on in-person contact, this can be a difficult transition, but your business needs to survive the pandemic. Here are a few key platforms you can use to ensure open lines of communication, and if you are uncertain or have any future questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Slack is the platform-of-choice for many businesses, organisations, and groups around the world, even in times of normal functioning. With messages, teams, channels, polls, reactions, and file sharing integrated into seamless user experience, it is easy to become acquainted with and isn’t daunting for those who shy away from technology. The system connects with over 800 applications to maximise efficiency and even offers in-program video calling so that you never have to leave the platform. Slack is fully customizable to your needs and also has a mobile platform so that you can always stay connected. Slack starts out free for small groups and those trying out the platform. The standard business plan starts at €6.25 per user/per month when billed yearly, so the financial aspect is reasonable given the number of benefits and assets it provides.

To learn more about Slack, check out this link:

Microsoft Teams

As a part of Microsoft’s Office 365 application, Teams provides an easy to use communication and collaboration platform. Teams integrate with all the other Office 365 applications such as Word and Powerpoint, as well as a few third-party applications, meaning that your business can stay connected in a variety of ways. You can chat and message in channels or direct messages, there is support for video calling, and there is mobile support so you can work on the go. The sign-up and start process for Team is a bit lengthy, taking about an hour, but provides many advantages for your business. To access Teams, you must have access to the Office Suite, which starts at €5 per user/per month.

You can find out more about Microsoft Teams here:
Microsoft Teams


Aside from its quirky name, Fleep provides many of the same vital functions as Slack but with a lower price tag: starting at €5 per user/per month. Although Fleep loses some functionality, such as fewer integrated platforms and in-program assets, the program is easy to use. It allows users without a Fleep account to be added to a conversation. This can be of benefit because that member then receives email notifications and does not require access to your entire platform. An added advantage of Fleep is its built-in tasks and work tracking function, which allows users to keep up on their responsibilities and for management to record trends.

Learn more about Fleep here:

Regardless of which platform you choose, you may be unsure as to how to continue working and making a profit in these difficult times. Feel free to reach out and get some valuable advice!


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