The best inspirational content of 2020


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The end of the year is nearing so let’s look back on the best inspirational content of 2020 while it’s still 2020.

The most downloaded whitepaper

There was a hard but fair battle between four whitepapers and our whitepaper about making teamwork work, came out as the big winner, followed closely by Growth, our whitepaper about accelerating growth.

Have you missed these whitepapers or just haven’t downloaded them yet? Well, here they are:

The most-read blog

This title goes to our blog about maintaining positive cash flow during and after a crisis, published in April this year. Runner-ups are these blogs:

The social post with the most click-throughs

As you probably know, we post regularly on LinkedIn to share blogs, inspirational quotes and whitepapers, and to introduce our member firms to you, so if you aren’t following us on LinkedIn yet, we recommend you do.

Speaking of firms: it was London-based firm Elman Wall who drew the most attention, resulting in the most click-throughs for the LinkedIn post referring to ‘their’ Meet the firm-article, so congratulations to the Elman Wall team. Good to know: the team at Elman Wall is specialised in travel and knows the industry inside out.

Runner-up is the social post about a blog we mentioned earlier, our guide on how to start a business.

That’s it for 2020. Which content helped you the most?

Happy holidays and see you next year!



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