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Bespoke Accounting

In this section of the website, we introduce you to one of our firms. Up next is Bespoke Accounting from Rustington, run by Director Bob Stebbings and his team. Read his answers to our questions to get to know him and Bespoke Accounting better.

What do you like about working for your firm?

“Bespoke Accounting is in business to help our clients’ business grow and prosper while ensuring that they comply with all of their tax and accounting obligations. This means that our working relationship is profitable and rewarding, both for our clients and our team. Working with appreciative and interesting clients, and seeing the results of our advice, makes me and our team happy and productive. We’re only a small team, we don’t work with everyone and anyone – but when a new client is the right fit for Bespoke, we’ll be there to support them through thick and thin.”

What are in your words the strengths of your firm?

“We recognise that each client’s business is unique and that no two businesses are the same. The opportunities and challenges that each client faces will be particular to their company and their industry. So, our business advice is tailored to be a precise fit for their company. To draw an analogy: all of us wear clothes, but our outfits are a combination of different sizes, styles, shapes and colours. By measuring up our client’s business, we can gauge the style, fit and colours that will create the perfect outfit of business advice for their organisation.”

Portrait of Bob Stebbings, director of Bespoke Acocunts. Firm of Xeinadin.

“By measuring up our client’s business, we can gauge the style, fit and colours that will create the perfect outfit of business advice for their organisation.”

Bob Stebbings, Director of Bespoke Accounting.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at your firm?

“Never to prejudge a client and never assume that they understand everything that we tell them. This means that we make all of our services available to all of our clients because we can never be certain which client will require the service. We must also communicate in a variety of ways as people absorb information in different ways.”

What is the best or most rewarding experience you have had at your firm so far? 

“The most rewarding experience so far has been the gratitude received from our clients for helping them through the COVID-19 crisis. The time and effort spent in explaining all of the government initiatives to them, helping them with the various claims and being there for them to support their businesses have resulted in loyal and appreciative clients.”

What result you achieved for a client, are you most proud of?

“Simple successes make me proud. Unfortunately, these usually result from the poor service provided by the previous accountants. Simple things like saving thousands of pounds in tax and national insurance by incorporating a sole trader. Simple things like getting their accounting systems sorted out and reclaiming VAT and CIS tax that had not been claimed because of the poor bookkeeping service provided by the previous accountant or bookkeeper.”

What is your favourite statement that you regularly use when advising your clients?

“Owners of small businesses should only do what only they can do.”

Bob Stebbings, Director of Bespoke Accounting.

Which conditions should a ‘firm of the future’ meet?

“A ‘firm of the future’ should strive to be early adopters of new technology to enhance the value of the services provided to clients. Automate everything that can be automated so that the people in the firm can interact with the clients.”

How do you see the future of your firm from your perspective?

“I see our firm focusing on providing valuable business and personal advice to clients whilst using Xeinadin hubs to process the clients’ work in an efficient and cost-effective way.”

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