Growing your business isn’t easy – certainly during a crisis – and takes time. Nevertheless, the first step to business growth is removing barriers. To remove these barriers, you have to recognise what they are. There are several things that could be holding you back.


Is your mindset holding you back? Negative thoughts, worry and lack of confidence can all be barriers to growth. It’s important to be aware of how your mindset can impact success and consider how you could think differently.


Wasting time on things you shouldn’t be doing, rather than prioritising the things that will help you grow. Working ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ your business This is a common problem for many business owners who are too busy working in the day to day of the business rather than stepping back to think strategically.

“It is easy to sit up and take notice, what is difficult is
getting up and taking action.”

Honore de Balzac, French novelist and playwright

Lack of vision and strategy planning

It’s nearly impossible to grow if you don’t set goals for where you want to be, read our whitepaper on goal setting for inspiration if this is a barrier for you.

Lack of resources

Your business could be struggling to grow through a lack of resources. You might need to employ additional people, outsource to new suppliers, get new equipment or new premises, invest in marketing and customer service initiatives or source finance or investment so your business isn’t being held back.


Take advantage of our whitepaper

If you recognise one or more of these barriers as something that’s holding you back from growing your business… don’t worry! We have a whitepaper waiting for you with insights into how you can remove those barriers and improve your growth strategy. The whitepaper – which you can download below – contains the following information.

  • How to remove barriers to growth
  • How to find time
  • How to develop your growth strategy
  • Three strategies for growth
  • Success stories

Do you want to speak to one of our (local) expert business advisors for advice on the subject of growing your business? Feel free to leave us a contact request. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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