Job Retention Scheme OPEN next week

HMRC has been working at pace to deliver the service that will allow you to make a claim for the employees you have furloughed under the governments Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. 

Written on April 6, 2020 by Xeinadin Group

When will the service be open?

The service will be open from Monday 20th April 2020.

How do I make the claim?

The service will be an online portal system. No claims will be accepted over the phone. The portal will be open 24/7.

What information will be required to process the claim?

You will need to provide:

  • Name, Employee Number and NI Number of each of the furloughed employees.
  • The total amount being claimed for all employees and the total furlough period.
  • Bank account details for the money to be deposited into.
  • Contact details for any queries to be directed to.
  • Company UTR or CRN.

Will my Payroll provider be able to process this claim on my behalf?

Your Payroll provider will be able to do this, so long as you have given them explicit authority to act on your behalf. If you haven’t already done so, they will ask you to sign a ’64-8’ form. 

If you are not a client of a Xeinadin Firm, you will need to contact your Payroll provider for more information.

Payroll Software providers will not be able to make claims on your behalf, as they are classed as ‘file only agents’ and will not be able access the service due to data protection reasons. 

How often will claims need to be submitted?

For weekly payrolls, these will need to be processed weekly, but they will also be paid out weekly.

All others will be processed monthly. For the 4-weekly and monthly payrolls, you can submit your claim 14 days before the end of the pay period. Which means that the money can be in your account before the wages are due to be paid, although this may not be the case for April, given that the scheme only opens on 20th April.

You will only be able to make one claim per pay period. Generally, payments will be made within 4-6 working days of submission of data.

Will HMRC be auditing or checking claims?

Concerns were raised around abuse of the system in relation to furloughed employees being required to carry on undertaking work. HMRC have set up a hotline for employees to report such behaviour. HMRC also confirmed that if there was evidence of a breach of the rules now, claims would simply not be paid out (this would really rely on a report from employees that the scheme was being abused).

In the future, there is the ability to check claims and HMRC may well look for evidence of employees continuing to work while furloughed.

Depending on the severity of an employer’s conduct, this could quite feasibly result in criminal proceedings being considered.

What next?

Full details of the scheme are expected to be publicly announced this week. It is unlikely that the details will differ from the above, however, if it does, we will certainly keep you updated.

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