Our specialist team will guide you through the complex world of Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT).

What is Plastic Packaging Tax?

Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) came into force on the 1st April 2022.

PPT is a tax on the supply or importation of packaging products which comprise of less than 30% recycled plastic. It is designed to make plastic recycling more attractive.

Where the tax applies, it will be levied at £200 per tonne of taxable plastic packaging.

What is VAT
Who does PPT affect?

Who does PPT affect?

PPT registration is required if either:

Given the importation trigger point, many businesses could have an obligation to register for PPT even if they do not see themselves as operating in the plastics sector.

What you need to do

As with other environmental taxes, much of the complexity is in the detailed processes for the registered businesses. Xeinadin PPT experts recommend that anyone concerned should:
If PPT is applicable, businesses need to establish suitable methods to identify taxable products, their PPT values, and PPT return calculation processes necessary to ensure all VAT returns are submitted and paid on time.
What you need to do

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