Forensic accounting

Need to investigate something? Look to the experts at Xeinadin

You can’t really carry on business as normal when you’re unsure of the security or stability of your business. Whatever the reason – it might be suspected fraudulent activity or commercial disputes, or even divorce – if an investigation is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Xeinadin’s experts will go through every tiny detail of your business with the finest of combs. The team have seen pretty much everything in their decades of investigating all kinds of cases in just about every single type of organisation. So when they get to the bottom of things – they then look under the mat. If they find anything at all suspicious, they’ll give you a comprehensive report of the damage, and set out your options and give you balanced professional advice on how to approach and solve the situation.

When the time comes for an investigation, look to Xeinadin

3 reasons to choose Xeinadin for forensic and investigative accounting


Dedication to details

Xeinadin’s rigorous multi-level analysis goes deep down into specifics, searching in and around every dark corner to ensure no mistake or suspicion goes unscrutinised.


Beyond forensics

Our extensive network of seasoned professionals spans a huge variety of fields, which means we can advise on just about any situation uncovered by a forensic investigation.


Broad and deep experience

From marriage disputes to criminal defence cases, you can rest assured that our experts have dealt with nearly any situation you can throw at them.

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