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Help us to support you better with this short survey

The value of working with Xeinadin is that we ‘get’ your business. We give you access to experts in a wide variety of fields, coming together to help you beat challenges facing you now and in the future. But of course, to truly understand our customers, we have to listen to you. So, this is your opportunity to share with us your ambitions and concerns for the times ahead. Where do you plan to take the business? How do you plan to do it? And what challenges and threats lie in wait for you?

We’ll compile the results into a user-friendly report so you can see how you compare with other business owners and send you your own personal copy.

So grab yourself a coffee and take a few minutes to answer these useful questions. If it helps us serve you better, it’ll be worth every second.

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About the Xeinadin SME Survey

Tell us about your goals and objectives

They might be financial, or personal. Or about creating a better place for everyone to work. Whatever it is, we’d like to understand.

Tell us about the challenges you face

Sourcing finance? Attracting and keeping talent? Cost inflation? Supply chain? We want to know your concerns.

Tell us about your sustainability goals

Are you clear on how you’re going to reduce your carbon footprint? Would you like to but are struggling to do so? Is it even relevant to your business?