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Meet Scott & Wilkinson, run by Director Alan Taylor and his team. Read his answers to get to know him and the firm.

What do you like about working for your firm?

“What I like most about working at Scott & Wilkinson is the nice and casual environment we work in. Together with all our great colleagues, we are committed to giving a personal service to all our clients. Working with clients to bring value to their everyday job and getting to know them on a personal level is something I like a lot.”

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at your firm?

“Never try and pretend you know something when you don’t!  Always say you’ll check with a colleague and get back to the client. I’d rather double-check than make hasty decisions and spend more time in the end.”

“Never try and pretend you know something when you don’t!”

Alan Taylor, Director

How do you help clients become innovative?

“We always try to stay up to date with changes in technology and to help apply these to the client’s circumstances. Technology is an important part of our every job today. In order to help our clients as best we can, we make sure that we always keep up to date with the latest developments.”

Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor, Director

What is your favourite statement that you regularly use when advising your clients?

“Keep your blinkers on”, in other words: just focus on one part of a new system at a time and then it will all come together!”

How do you see the future of your firm from your perspective?

“Continued growth, increased support for the client through the next lot of legislative changes, expansion of services. And of course: to continue to support generations of clients!”

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