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From start-up to exit, our corporate finance advisors focus on maximising the value of your business. Whatever your industry and whatever size, you can rely on us to use innovative, but tried-and-tested tools and techniques to set out for you the best possible strategic options – and help you make the best possible decisions.

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Our corporate finance advisors specialise in:

Our corporate finance advisors specialise in:​
Exit planning​

Exit planning

There are various options when considering exiting your business to ensure you get just reward for your knowledge and expertise in developing it to that point. Along with the traditional route of trade sale (in which we have huge experience), our corporate finance advisors advise on stock market flotations, management buy-outs and employee buy-outs. Depending on your personal goals, these can all be total or partial exits – and rest assured: we will ensure your tax planning is optimised whatever your exit route.

Working with our corporate finance advisors to grow your business

You don’t need us to tell you that growing a business by acquisition can be challenging – identifying suitable acquisition targets, developing a successful funding strategy and handling due diligence is both complex and daunting.

But when you’re part of a world-class team, it all feels a lot smoother. You can set out on each acquisition journey with confidence, knowing you’ve got a formidable team standing shoulder to shoulder with you. Seasoned heavy hitters with sharp corporate finance minds whose sole job is to help you land the best possible deal. Put it this way – you’ll be glad they’re on your side…

Growing your business with our corporate finance advisors

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Unlocking multiple funding options

There are many reasons why a business might need new or revised funding – and these days, the funding options are just as diverse. Fortunately for our clients, we’re well-versed in all of them.

A“no” from a bank is no longer the end of the road. We source and evaluate current or new funding options, come up with a long term funding strategy and guide you through every step of the way.

Unlocking multiple funding options​
Financial Modelling​

Financial Modelling

Simply put, a financial model is a software tool to forecast a business’s financial performance. The output of a financial model is used for decision making and financial analysis, whether inside or outside of the company. Our corporate finance advisors are experts in employing financial models for pretty much any purpose:

Xeinadin’s goal is to be prepared, invested and future-focused when handling any corporate finance inquiry you may have.

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Keith McDonagh

Keith McDonagh

Corporate Finance Director (Ireland)
Steven Lindsay

Steven Lindsay

Corporate Finance Director
Paul Whitney

Paul Whitney

Corporate Finance Director

3 reasons why you want our corporate finance advisors on your team


Innovative strategies

Xeinadin utilises modern tools chosen to suit the business and situation, so you can always rely on us to bring fresh strategic options to the table.


Diversity of expertise

Xeinadin gives you access to an army of world-class specialists to help you buy or sell a business – ranging from development finance experts to business purchasing practitioners.


Systems focus

We can advise on every step of your business acquisition, buy-in or buy-out. We help you formulate your project management plan and guide you through every step. Together, we’ll help your dreams take shape.

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