Audits For Academy Schools

Our annual audits and assurance engagements go beyond mere statutory compliance, offering valuable insights and opportunities for improvement. Recognising the importance of cost-efficiency, we leverage our extensive experience to conduct thorough cost-improvement reviews, consistently delivering significant savings.

Comprehensive audit services for Academy Schools

Our partner-led team of academy school specialists excels in delivering effective and economical audit services. Serving over 360 academy school clients, we provide comprehensive support across a wide range of audit and assurance matters, including:

Specialist Pension Fund Audits

As an academy school, managing staff pensions, including potential shortfalls in non-teaching staff pensions, is crucial. Our extensive experience with schools and similar clients enables us to address these challenges efficiently. We offer audits for the Teachers’ Pension Scheme End of Year Certificate and the Local Government Pension Scheme return, along with guidance on FRS17 reporting.

Accounts Preparation

While maintaining our independence as auditors, we provide objective and impartial assistance in preparing your annual accounts. Our independent teams, skilled in this process, ensure your academy’s annual accounts are produced to the highest standards in a cost-effective manner. For more information on our accounts preparation expertise, please visit our transition to academy school status page.

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