The Right Structure For Your Academy School

When considering converting to academy status, it is crucial to select a structure that balances autonomy with the support needed to meet your school’s educational objectives.

Stand-Alone Academy Trusts

Stand-alone academies are currently the most popular academy structure. This model allows a school to be governed by its own established academy trust, providing independence from local authority control. Schools benefit from the freedom to determine staff policies, the curriculum, and the length of the school day and terms.

Multi-Academy Trusts

A multi-academy trust (MAT) is a single entity designed to manage and maintain high educational standards across multiple schools through strategic collaboration. Schools within a MAT are governed collectively, with the trust holding overall accountability for the performance of each school. While each school can have its own governing body, these bodies operate under the delegated authority of the MAT.

Umbrella Trusts

Umbrella trusts are ideal for schools that share a common vision but prefer to retain independent management. In an umbrella trust, each school converts into a separate academy trust with its own governors and funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative partnerships offer a more flexible approach, allowing schools to work together in mutually beneficial areas without the need for formal partnership agreements. Head teachers of converting academies collaborate in specific areas, fostering cooperation while maintaining individual autonomy.

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