How can Xeinadin help you?

We collaborate and innovate to help you achieve your business goals and dreams.

The Xeinadin business scan

The Xeinadin business scan

Discover your company’s opportunities and challenges. With this 5 minute scan you will know if your company is fit to grow. You will also get free tips and insights on how you can grow.

UK and Ireland-based business advisory and accountancy group

Xeinadin Group is a progressive and insightful business advisor that isn’t afraid to ask the right questions. We provide all the traditional accountancy services but thrive when we can add value to your business through collaboration and a deep business understanding.


Data-driven insights

We start where the numbers end. Through innovative data-driven technology we collaborate with you to drill deeper into what makes your business tick.


Innovative thinking

Our trusted advisors will work with you to get your creative juices flowing. We are always striving for our clients evolution.


Future focused

We are setting out to disrupt normality as business advisors who focus on your future as well as your past. 

Xeinadin is always close.
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Achieve your business goals and dreams

Business owners increasingly want a close relationship with a trusted advisor who can provide them with expert advice across a range of services.

Corporate Finance

Whether you want to buy a business or sell a business our Corporate Finance advisors will help you succeed.

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Tax Planning

Structure your business with effective tax planning.

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Business growth

Let’s collaborate and innovate to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Cloud Accounting

Get connected to Cloud Accounting with Xeinadin.

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Getting the most out of auditing using pre-emptive auditing to protect your business.

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Make your life easier with off-site payroll services.

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Locally forged, trusted,
business advice

Delivering exceptional business advice

The best of both worlds

The accountancy market is filled with small firms that can only deliver a few services, or huge international groups that can provide a wide range of services but can lack the personal touch of a local firm, so our model is designed to give businesses the best of both worlds. We build trusted personal relationships at a local level, but with the benefit of innovative technology, centralised back office support and a wide range of specialist expertise from across our national group.

We are experts
in your industry

By providing locally forged trusted advice, we’ve built up industry specialisms along the way. See how our industry expertise can support you to achieve your personal and business goals.

Media and technology

Media & Technology

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Family Business icon

Family Businesses

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Travel & Tourism

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Energy & Renewables

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Property & Construction

Beverley Budsworth

“Xeinadin have been life-changing for me. I have been challenged to think differently and supported throughout to implement changes which had a huge impact on me personally and also on my team. I cannot thank them enough!”

Beverley Budsworth, Business Owner - The Debt Advisor

Forward Thinkers.
Trusted Advisors.

Through the power of the crowd we collaborate and innovate to help SMEs conquer their challenges and to accomplish business goals and personal dreams. We are united at your side and will always be close by. 

We will advise you in our way. The Xeinadin way. We go further where others stop. We will ask the right questions. We will give the answers you need & we will always think in progressive solutions. We will always be what you need, not only what you ask for. That is the power of Xeinadin. The thinkers you can trust in.
Forward Thinkers. Trusted Advisors.

Forward Thinkers. Trusted Advisors.

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