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Gloria passionately champions small businesses, fostering this spirit within her team through regular meetings. At Xeinadin Murray Associates, her goal is to empower small business owners with financial insight for survival and success. She emphasizes the vital role of local businesses in the UK’s economy, underscoring their impact on employment and communities.

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures accurate, meaningful accounts that offer a clear view of your financial status. Gloria’s ethos nurtures a client-centric, friendly, and efficient team, always accessible for assistance.

As accomplished specialists in Business Growth, we hold prestigious UK awards, including Most Innovative Accountant 2014, Accountant Changing Lives 2017-18, and Most Innovative Business Advisor 2017. Our focus is on delivering Quick Wins for increased profits, work-life balance, and deserving rewards.

Conveniently situated near Glasgow Airport, our Linwood Point office boasts ample free parking. Linwood, once renowned for its Hillman Imp factory, carries historical significance in industry and culture, with famous figures like Gerry Rafferty and Tom Conti tied to the area.

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They are focussed on creating a future-focused and relationship-driven culture, that keeps its promises to you, our team members, and partners.